Sangili is a not-for-profit, mission-driven, and donor-supported educational organization in Auroville. Sangili emerges as a response to the growing need of individuals, teams, and organizations to connect with Auroville and the immense learning possibilities Auroville has to offer. Sangili was formally registered in 2019 but has been in-the-making for more than 20 odd years.

Sangili is as an activity under LEAD. LEAD is an umbrella unit for non-formal learning activities in Auroville. Sangili is also closely associated with and collaborates with Savi, which is a statutory body in Auroville that enables volunteering, internship, and research in Auroville.

Sangili is a Tamil word which means link, chain, or connection.

Why is this imporant? Why now?
Our mission and purpose...

The contemporary world faces a radical crisis today. Inequality, poverty, environmental degradation, human rights abuse, global warming, unsustainable resource depletion, illiteracy, lack of access to education, woefully inadequate health care and brutal conflicts continue to plague the world in undiminished ways. Human suffering and ecological damage have reached unprecedented and terrifying levels. It is in such times and circumstances that something new must come. Our present crisis is a calling and it is for each one of us to respond. We urgently need a new story and a new way to live.

Auroville has emerged as a global community and a living laboratory that has the potential to awaken the highest in the human spirit, and to offer a new vision. Eternally a work in progress, always experimenting and creating something new, Auroville is able to hold before the world a practical and effective means of coming out of the present chaos in order to be born into a more true, more harmonious new life.

Our goal, as Sangili, is to enable people and organizations to integrate individual growth and collective change, moving from "the way it is" toward "the way it can be".

Why is this relevant for Auroville?
What we can do for the community...

Over the years, the number of visitors to Auroville has been going up. In the year 2018-19, about a million people visited Auroville. To put this figure in context — the resident-to-visitor ratio of Auroville is higher than places like Mumbai, New York, and Paris. As Auroville grows, these numbers will go up. It is vitally important that there emerges a way to connect visitors to the highest possibilities in Auroville.

There are already several ways to connect with Auroville, and these connections are enabled and mediated through individuals as well as more formal groups (like Savi). There remains, however, more that can be done to connect to learning possibilities in Auroville.

For example, in the peak season that runs from December to March, Auroville gets the bulk of its visitors, and everything is a bit rushed as compared to other times. We, as Sangili, by mapping learning possibilities in Auroville, are exploring if it is possible to enable and offer learning programs in other months when more depth would be possible.

Another example — that there are many units and groups which are doing great, and get a lot of attention. There are many other units and groups which are also doing great, but they do not get much attention. We, as Sangili, are exploring and wanting to bring more energy and attention to such individuals, units, groups, and learning possibilities in Auroville that often do not have visibility. We feel that Auroville has a tremendous depth and breadth of possibilities, and has much more to offer than what is on display at the moment.