PlayLab is a space and time where and when children are free to experiment with elemental possibilities of play in arts, communication, movement, senses, emotions and the integral. In finding their way through the wilderness of spontaneous play, subtly designed for authentic learning, children forage true creativity, wisdom and resilience.


The first project of The PlayLab team is Macau House of Childhood, born 2017. Into its second year, PlayLab has moved beyond the enchanted town of the East to Italy to gather inspirations from Bruno Munari’s legacy, father of Italian design, who preferred to call himself “player with children”. A year later, the team was invited by a prestigious education group of India to offer a full-fledged PlayLab programme for their international schools in Punjab. Since late 2019, the PlayLab team has been working with the Sangili network to bring PlayLab to Auroville via LilaLoka, resource centre for the child, and village schools.