Our Team

Sangili has a small, close-knit and formidable team with expertise in the domains of technology, design, teaching, education, and human resource management. Our passion for education, quality, aesthetics and social transformation informs what we do every day, whether it's building innovative solutions, connecting with communities, or dreaming up new things.


Co-Founder, Core team person

Sivakumar’s is from Tirunelveli and has lived for more than 15 years in the cultural capital of Tamizh Nadu, Madurai. He comes with 10 years of experience in Marketing and Project Management in start-ups. He is a Master graduate in Mechanical Engineering, with a short stint of being a lecturer for one year teaching Automobile Engineering, he has been in Auroville as a Volunteer since 2010. His first project in Auroville is a public Electric vehicle for Auroville. As a volunteer, he is continuing in several projects of Auroville.

His latest initiation is a proposal of Human Resources management in Auroville along with Exploring prosperity group. At present, he is associated with Savi for the past two years, helping the Savi team with website management. A natural helper by birth, his passion is to coordinate new alliances and partnerships for the betterment of active projects. His desire is to be a part of the experiment of Auroville and his aspiration is to be the willing servitor of divine consciousness. Music is his companion and he loves watching movies.

Sophie Hauser-baldwin

Co-Founder, Core team person

I grew up in France where I studied Art history and Museography at the school of the Louvre Museum and joined the educational department for some time. In 1991, I left for the USA where I interned at the Art Institute of Chicago and The Getty Center for the Arts and Humanity, Santa Monica, California. After a few years, I felt the need to explore deeper the purpose of my life and headed toward Auroville, an international community in South India, where people from all over the world are striving for progress and Human Unity. After travelling a bit around India, I felt that this was the place I was looking for and got involved in different activities, from afforestation and teaching Hatha Yoga and French in Auroville schools. Later, I joined Auroville Campus Initiative where I co-created self-development programs for young adults in Auroville.

Having been a part of these projects for a number of years, I could see the need to connect the many programs and activities of Auroville with the outside world and this is how Sangili came to be.

I am passionate about unending learning and self-transformation, I aspire to transform difficulties into opportunities for constant progress and inner growth.